North Wales team work – Denbighshire SJ1266-03

Our Wales Regional Area Rep Coordinator/Comms & Media Officer, and members from several North Wales counties cleared SJ1266-03 in Denbighshire after storms had damaged several trees along the route leaving them dangerous to passing users. The lane was blocked by a large fallen branch, others were left fallen but tentatively supported by other branches, leaning precariously with the potential to fall onto the right of way and possibly anyone using it!

The landowner was thrilled to have us on site helping out and generally keeping an eye on the long and stunningly scenic lane. The RoW is heavily used by walkers and cyclists, many stopped to ask us about the work we were doing; there were plenty of smiles and waves and positive chats about the work we do here at The Green Lane Association. It was nice to have our hard work appreciated.

The land owner spoke of some past off piste activity and measures he had put in place to deter illegal usage. He requested that we revisit the lane to keep an eye on things and also offered to be involved and speak from a land owner’s perspective in some future media projects our Comms and Media Officer has planned. We have kept in touch with him since our initial visit and have been back as promised to check that no further obstructions or problems have occurred. A farmer from the other end of the lane also showed interest in working with us too; building relationships with land owners is something our Comms Officer has been working hard on in North Wales this year. She plans to return with some bilingual signage soon to ensure people stick to the legal route and close the gates behind them.

After the hard work was done, and the lane was made safe for all users, we had lunch with views stretching right across the county before taking in some other lanes in the area. Many thanks to all involved! Days like this are what the laning community is all about - helping each other out, keeping the lanes safe for all, meeting new people, and enjoying our stunning countryside along the way!