Keeping information up to date

Charlie Moore has been busy ensuring that Trailwise2 is up to date by taking on a huge number of lane surveys in his area. Read on to find out how much work goes in to keeping lane information up to date for all members! Over to Charlie…

When I took on the area rep role for Bath & North East Somerset (BANES) in 2019 there were a large number of lanes on TW2 that did not have any comments, approximately 150 of around 200 in total. Over the following 12 months I planned various days out to survey those lanes that had no comments, both BOATs and UCRs.

These survey days made a good day out exploring the area and travelling many back roads and country lanes that would not normally be travelled. Whilst many of the UCRs turned out to be tarmac farm access roads, or dead ends, some good lanes were encountered as well as great scenery and views. Comments and in many cases photographs were added to TW2. Every lane TWUID within BANES now has comments.

In addition to providing a great day out the planning is all good practice at using TW2 and then plotting the route onto Viewranger.

Now I have taken on the area rep role for Somerset I plan another similar project and have made a start with assistance from a few other members of Green Lane Association. North Somerset is nearly completed, approximately 63 lanes. It is going to be a much bigger project due to the size of the county and number of lanes without comments, which stands at approximately 320 out of a total close to 400.

The upgrade to TW2 which added a feature for area reps to see which lanes are without comments has helped greatly in the task of identifying which ones require looking at and comments adding. You can see the area covered in the photograph, along with a couple of photos showing the view from one dead end lane near North Stoke ST7069-05.